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Your account profile is where all of your personal information (such as name, address, and contact info) will be stored.  There are three actions you can take on this page:


The billing section is where you can manage your payment methods, as well as view any past invoices you have paid.  You must have at least one payment method active and selected as default.

To add a new payment method, click the link for Add New Card.  You will then be prompted to enter the card information.  If this method will be used on future payments, check the box for Set as Default Method; this box is automatically checked if this is your only payment method.

Once you have one or more payment methods added, you will be given the option to Edit or Remove your existing methods.  You will not be able to remove your default payment method without first setting another method to that status.


A domain name is your own unique address on the internet.  It allow visitors to quickly find and remember your web site to visit again later and to recommend to their families and friends.  To register a new domain, choose Domains & Email from your My Account menu.

  1. Click Register New Domain.
  2. Enter the domain you would like and click Check Availability.
  3. Once you have found an available domain, choose the number of years you would like to register it for and click Next.
  4. By default, the domain will use our own contact information to prevent you from receiving unsolicited contact regarding the domain.  You have two options here:
    • Click Next to continue...
    • ...or check the box for I would like to enter my own contact information.  This will have you enter information about your company, and then personal information about the individual who will be the domain administrator.
  5. Click Next to register your domain name.

You can also use an existing domain by clicking the Use My Existing Domain button.  This will let you add your domain into our system.  However, you will need to change the Domain Name Servers (DNS) to and before you can add the domain.  This would be done through the company you registered the domain with. 

While you are editing the domain, you also will have options to add subdomains.  Subdomains are used to point parts of the domain (like to a different locations.  This can be used to use email hosted with another company, or to another websites.

There are four types of subdomain:

To create a subdomain, edit the domain and click Create New.

  1. Enter a Subdomain (the part before the "")
  2. Enter Value (where the domain will point)
  3. Choose the Type
  4. For MX records, enter a MX Priority
  5. Click Save.

The subdomain feature should only be used if you know exactly what you want to do and what effect your changes will have.  If you are using the subdomain to point to an outside service, you should contact that service to learn exactly what settings are required.

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Once you have a domain name registered, you can create email addresses using that domain name.  Each domain name can have up any number of email addresses, each with up to 1 gigabyte of storage.  To get started, check the domain name you would like to use and click Manage Email Accounts.

  1. Click Create New.
  2. Enter the Email you would like to use.
  3. Enter the First Name and First Name of the user.
  4. Enter and confirm the Password for the account.

The site to login to your email is the same as to login to your website.

For help with setting up your mail client program to access your email, choose from the list below: