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Your web site comes with pages containing images, industry standard text, a contact form, an interactive map, etc. It also includes built-in tools to manage your site. You may change your site at any time you wish, as often as you wish, from any computer connected to the Internet. This is an introduction to using your Web site's editor and other tools.


Logging In to the Administration

You would log in to the Administration in order to access the Account Manager, Website Editor, and other areas of the Administration.  To log in, you must have a username. If you do not yet have a username, please contact Technical Support for further assistance.  A link is also provided in case you forgot your user password.  For security, you should exit Administration by clicking Sign Out.

Click here or enter into your browsers address bar and then click Go or press the enter key on your keyboard.

In the text boxes provided, enter your username and password. When done, click Login to log in to the Administration.  Please keep in mind that the username and password are both case sensitive.

If you do not know your password, please contact Technical Support so that we can send you a temporary password or you can click the Forgot Password link on the login page.

On to Step 2 - Getting Around the Administration

Getting Around the Administration

Once you are logged in to your site administration, you will see a menu bar at the top.  This is your primary way of getting to different areas of the admin.  The following are the available options:

  • My Account
    • Profile - This is where you can change the basic information about your account, such as address, email, etc.
    • Billing - This is where you can add and edit the payment methods you use to pay hosting, register domain names, etc.
    • Domains & Email - This is where you can register domain names to use on your web site, as well as setup email using those domain names.
  • Customer Manager
    • Contacts - This is where you can add and maintain contacts for your web site
  • Web Site
    • Page List - This is where you can add and delete pages on your web site.  You can click a page name to edit that page.
    • View Live Site - This will display your current live web site.
    • Web Site Properties - This is where you can change the name of your company and web site.
    • eCommerce - This is where you can create the products and categories for your online catalog.
    • Statistics - This is where you can see how many visitors your web site has had.
    • Purchase - This is where you can purchase the web site if you have not already done so.

On to Step 3 - Using Your Own Text

Using Your Own Text

To use your own text, first edit the page you would like to add to.

  1. Hover your mouse over the text until it highlights in orange, then click.

  2. You may now click to place your cursor to add and delete text.
  3. Use your mouse to highlight text and apply formatting such as font family and font size.

  4. To change the color, highlight the text and click the arrow next to the color button.

  5. To add a link, highlight the text and click the link button.  You will be given easy-to-follow options for each type of link.  See the Rich Text Editor page for more detail.

  6. Click Save when you are finished making changes.

On to Step 4 - Using Your Own Images or Learn More About This Feature

Using Your Own Images

To use your own images, first edit the page you would like to add to.

  1. Choose Image from the Add to Page menu.

  2. Click Upload Image.

  3. Click Browse, which will let you search your computer for the image you would like to use.

  4. Click Upload File.

  5. Click Close.

  6. Click Uploaded.

  7. Your image will now show in the image bar.

  8. Click and drag your image onto the page.  The available areas to drop your image into will be highlighted in tan.  The active tan highlighted area will have a red border around it.

We also provide an extensive library of images for you to use.  To view the library, you would click the Library folder, which will then open up a list of categories.  Once you have found the image you want to use, you can click and drag it onto the page just like in the last step above.

On to Step 5 - Create a Contact or Learn More About This Feature

Creating a Contact

  1. Choose Contacts from the Customer Manager menu.

  2. Click New Contact.

  3. Fill out as much informaton as you can.  Fields with an * next to them are required.

  4. Click Save.